With many helpful forms and practical examples

Two hundred pages of condensed knowledge so you can get started immediately.

  • Pacenotes


    What you should consider when compiling them, how to read in the best way, and what you have to do when you lose your place.

  • Fuel form

    Fuel form

    You take over the indications from the rally schedule and the required amounts of fuel are automatically calculated for every service point.

  • Team manual

    Team manual

    So that everyone is informed and no organizational questions remain open.

  • Checklists


    With these field-tested lists you will not need to worry about forgetting anything. You can quickly and easily adapt them to your own needs.

  • Recce


    How to get ready and effectively plan the track inspection without waiting periods.

  • Case study, »Monte«

    Case study, »Monte«

    Original pacenotes of the VW factory team of Grundel/Diekmann at the Monte Carlo rally in 1984.

Quotes from well-known rally personalities from the book

A little taste of the forewords and guest contributions

»This condensed treasure chest of experience is now available to young rally enthusiasts.«
Christian Geistdörfer
Christian Geistdörfer
»Mistakes or losing your place when giving directions would have turned my co-driver into a hitchhiker.«
Walter Röhrl
Walter Röhrl
»But the most important thing about a good co-driver is to be smarter than the others!«
Peter Diekmann (†)
Peter Diekmann (†)
»You have to be able to trust your co-driver without reservations, otherwise you don’t have a chance of being one of the best.«
Kalle Grundel
Kalle Grundel
»Along with the stability of the engineering, other keys to success are physical and mental fitness.«
Karin Thannhäuser
Karin Thannhäuser
»A good co-driver radiates a sense of calm and imperturbability even in hectic situations.«
Heinz-Walter Schewe
Heinz-Walter Schewe

Why this book will help you

The rally co-driver e-book is a book for go-getters. It doesn’t beat around the bush, but instead provides specific tips from experts. It is compact, helps you with its large number of checklists, and is very practical. It is not a textbook, but a treasure trove for anyone who serves as a rally co-driver. With tools to help you improve your techniques.

Expressly recommended: work right from the book and the ready-to-use checklists and samples that come with it. The best part is that the book will very soon pay dividends even if you only use a few of its clever tips and checklists. Sharpen your eye for detail, improve your technique, be better prepared, and enter the next competition even more calmly. This book wants to help you improve yourself.

That is why I have devised a compendium. This book. It is a book of instructions. Very specific, with many tips from practical experience to make you better than the competition. It is a course of instruction for rally co-drivers.

Who wrote the book?

Lothar Bökamp with Walter Röhrl

Lothar Bökamp in conversation with Walter Röhrl

Most people know me – Lothar Bökamp – as a rally co-driver in the historic Lancia Stratos. Known from my participation in the ADAC Rally Masters, the FIA European Historic Rally Championship and the Mitropa Rally Cups. Winner of the historic Division 8 at the ADAC Rally Masters in 2012 and FIA European champion in Team Germany I in 2010.

With guest contributions by Kalle Grundel, legendary co-driver Willi-Peter Pitz, former German rally champions Reinhard Hainbach and Heinz-Walter Schewe, and many others.

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